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With over 5 years experience, Pyanga Cleaning Services offers professional domestic and commercial cleaning, sanitary services, landscaping, waste management, garbage collection, pest control, vehicle cleaning, relocation and after-renovation cleaning. It also supplies a wide selection of high quality cleaning products and equipment. Committed to delivering a clean and comfortable environment at a cost-effective price, Pyanga seeks to take the stress out of all aspects of cleaning! They will come to your premises and give a free quote.

Cleaning products and equipment

Get a variety of eco-friendly toilet and tile cleaners from Pyanga Cleaning Services. This company is committed to offering their customers with quality products, a superior service and competitive pricing. With over 5 years of janitorial and maintenance supply experience, Pyanga is able to provide the most effective solutions to your facility needs.

Office cleaning

Pyanga Cleaning Services provides effective and affordable custom commercial and office cleaning services. The company fully understands that a clean and tidy office environment helps companies to be more productive and indicates to everyone that your company is proud and professional in everything it does.

Pest control

Pyanga’s pest control services covers more than eliminating persistent bugs or removing rodents. The company takes care of all your pest problems. Its professional team have seen it all when it comes to commercial and residential pest infestations, so you can be assured that Pyanga Cleaning Services is able to tackle any type of situation.

M65 Ride on Industrial Floor Scrubber

From K111,241.95 · Cleaning Equipment
M65 is a mini-type electric driving scrubber, suitable for cleaning small and medium-sized sites. It can replace medium-sized driving scrubbers in places of 5000-10000 square meters. The model is small and can be used in various narrow aisles and small spaces. It is convenient to go up and down, and the operation is simple, easy to use.

M55a Automatic Walk behind Industrial Floor Scrubber

From K79,028.30 · Cleaning Equipment
M55a is a compact hand-propelled floor cleaning/scrubbing machine. It is an ultra-quiet structure equipped with an alarm system for overcharge or over-discharge. It's widely applied in hotel, shopping malls, hospital, community, and school. It adds a unique drive motor, which can walk automatically without manual pushing. Efficient cleaning, greatly reducing the labour intensity of cleaning staff, shortening work time, and improving work efficiency.

M90 Ride on Industrial Floor Scrubber

From K325,513.02 · Cleaning Equipment
M90 is a large scale driving type scrubber with two 18inch large disk brushes and a larger scrubbing width, which is very suitable for large-scale area cleaning. With one-key operation, it has the advantages of efficient washing, drying, noise reduction, environmental protection and energy saving. High power rear-wheel drive, which is more stable and stronger.
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Pyanga Cleaning Services is owned and run by Zambians and is registered as a Limited company by shares with registration number 111656 in the index of PACRA in accordance with the Zambian laws. With the vision of becoming the global leading and key supplier of cleaning services, Pyanga is anchored on values that are customer centered and environmental friendliness. The mission is to add value and enhance clean, prosperous and environmental healthy communities.

Pyanga Cleaning Services celebrates 8th Anniversary!

News · 3 months ago
With 8 years of keeping the world clean, not only through best efforts but also because Pyanga Cleaning Services are surrounded by a united and strong team. Happy 8th Anniversary Pyanga Ltd, and many more clean years to come!!

Engage Pyanga for all pest termination solutions

News · 8 months ago
A pest invasion at your home or office can take away peace of mind and cause extensive damage to your property. Pyanga Cleaning Services can save you the headache and extra expense with their extensive pest control solutions. Their trained and experienced team of exterminators can root out the problem and formulate a strategy to eliminate it. Pyanga offers various programmes to fit your needs and budget to get rid of all flying and crawling pests.

Engage Pyanga for all pest termination for all your premises

News · 10 months ago
Pyanga Cleaning Services are eradicating Cockroaches from homes and offices. Prices as low as K450. Make your premises safe.

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