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Pyanga Cleaning Services is owned and run by Zambians and is registered as a Limited company by shares with registration number 111656 in the index of PACRA in accordance with the Zambian laws. With the vision of becoming the global leading and key supplier of cleaning services, Pyanga is anchored on values that are customer centered and environmental friendliness. The mission is to add value and enhance clean, prosperous and environmental healthy communities.

Pyanga was founded in 2013 by Mr. Botha Jerry and his two colleagues while in their final year at the University of Zambia. The founders saw a need for an affordable but excellent service in the cleaning and sanitation Industry. With an initial office at the house belonging to Mr. Jerry Botha’s aunt in Lusaka South, the company now operates in all the 10 provinces in Zambia and offices in Ndola, Choma, Mansa and Vorna valley in Lusaka where the main office is currently seated. The company has hired skilled and experienced cleaning personnel who have been in the industry for over fifteen years.

Moreover the management team comprise of University graduates and key professionals drawn from Business management, financial accounting, Environmental management and Sustainable Development fields. Moreover, Pyanga has employed over 146 Janitors and Cleaners spread across Zambia.

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