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Pyanga Cleaning Services
Pyanga Cleaning Services
Pest control
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Spraying of an area to eliminate pests
Pyanga Cleaning Services
Pyanga Cleaning Services
Office cleaning
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Rented bin inclusive of collection and disposal of sanitary waste on a weekly or monthly basis.
Pyanga Cleaning Services
Pyanga Cleaning Services
Pest control
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Fill affected area with fumigants to eliminate pests

Office cleaning

Pyanga Cleaning Services provides effective and affordable custom commercial and office cleaning services. The company fully understands that a clean and tidy office environment helps companies to be more productive and indicates to everyone that your company is proud and professional in everything it does.
Effective and affordable custom commercial and office cleaning services
Company uses up-to-date equipment
A clean and healthy environment for your team and customers
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Office cleaning - 3

Cleaning products & equipment

Get a variety of eco-friendly toilet and tile cleaners from Pyanga Cleaning Services. This company is committed to offering their customers with quality products, a superior service and competitive pricing. With over 5 years of janitorial and maintenance supply experience, Pyanga is able to provide the most effective solutions to your facility needs.
Eco-friendly toilet and tile cleaners
Knowledgeable team helps you choose the most effective solutions to meet your needs
For a thorough clean of your toilet and tiles
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Cleaning products &  equipment - 3

Pest control

Pyanga’s pest control services covers more than eliminating persistent bugs or removing rodents. The company takes care of all your pest problems. Its professional team have seen it all when it comes to commercial and residential pest infestations, so you can be assured that Pyanga Cleaning Services is able to tackle any type of situation.
Effective removal of unwanted pests from your home or business
Various programmes to fit your needs and budget
A pest free home
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Pyanga Cleaning Services

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